The Heating & Cooling
Efficiency Experts


A Joint Venture between JMM Consulting Services and Vision Consulting, where both companies are regional leading firms in refrigeration consultancy and commercialisation respectively.

Working directly with the most cutting-edge R&D Centres in the world, we are a regional game changer for Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Energy Saving Solutions. Our technologies aim to increase efficiency and dramatically cut energy costs and reduce carbon footprint.

Coupled with unrivalled expertise in industry specific applications such as Hotels & Resorts, Refrigerated Logistic Warehouse, Food & Beverage, Oil & Gas and Marine; we bring a whole new dynamic to the cost efficiencies of your business and minimise its effects on the environment.

With Head Offices in Singapore, we are well positioned to service the needs of our clients across the region.

Team Members

Jean-Marie Martineau
Technical Director